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Welcome to your path to wellness. I want to thank you for the opportunity to be your partner on this road.  If you are like many of our patients you have a folder full of lab tests that your other doctors have told you are “normal”. 

Well, now your health challenges will become my mission to resolve. If you don’t know where to start on your journey, I can help you prioritize your questions and/or concerns into manageable and attainable goals, so you can achieve your desired results. We will look at your health in a systematic and organized manner to find and eliminate the things that undermine your good health. This allows your body to eliminate the cause of any current health problems and preventing health problems later in life.

I will use many different assessment tools to determine the cause of your health challenges. The traditional lab tests that are run are really looking for pathology or a specific disease. What I have found is there is generally a period of time between when you “just don’t feel well” and when an actual disease is diagnosed. We use functional testing to look at how the body is functioning at this time instead of looking for an actual disease. The dysfunction that we will find generally falls in one of the following four categories – vitamin deficiencies, food allergies, chronic infection, and/or hormonal imbalances.

We base your diagnosis and treatment program on hard scientific medical data gathered by traditional medical testing and blend it with the non-traditional approaches of herbal medicine, nutrition and lifestyle management, natural homeopathic medicine, chiropractic medicine and allopathic medicine.  So, our approach is a functional approach. Basically, we get rid of the things in your body that don’t belong – infections, toxins – like food allergies and replace things that are missing – vitamins, minerals and enzymes to create an environment inside your body more favorable to healing.

So, where do I begin??  Our patients start with the Health Quiz which will help us to look at your problems and concerns in an organized and systematic manner - assessing the body as a whole. It is important to bring all information you may have, including the results of your Health Quiz, to your first appointment. 

Make an commitment to your health -call us now at (225) 291-2626 to request an appointment and the Health Quiz.